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Yottaa eComet is a new Drupal plugin that integrates Yottaa Site Optimizer into your Drupal admin page. Yottaa speeds up page load times, creates higher conversion rates and increases user engagement. This plugin makes it even easier for Drupal users to improve their site performance with Yottaa. 




Whether you're already a Yottaa Site Optimizer user or want to try it for the first time, you'll enjoy the ease of having a Yottaa control panel right on your Drupal admin panel.  


When you start using Yottaa Site Optimizer on your site through this plugin, you'll get:

  • Accelerated page load times up to 500%
  • Automatic content delivery through Yottaa's CDN
  • Smart cache management detecting every time your website content changes and automatically updating the stored version on our CDN
  • Site infrastructure extended to a global network of 20+ data centers for improved scalability and reliability
  • Asynchronous personalization separates non-cacheable elements from static elements on dynamic pages to speed up page load times (available only through the Yottaa eComet plugin!)
  • Full site administration from within your Drupal admin page

Plugin users also have access to special caching features only available through the Drupal eComet plugin, which can improve page speed even beyond Yottaa Site Optimizer's standard techniques.


You can pause Yottaa at any time with one click from within your Drupal admin page; your site will automatically return to its pre-Yottaa state. Plus, Yottaa's support team is available 24/7 so you always have a way to report feedback or ask questions.


Yottaa's eComet for Drupal plugin is currently available for Drupal 6.x and 7.x.

Get Started

For help with and information about eComet for Drupal, follow the links below: